Stick to your script.
Make your point forcefully with the
BigStage Teleprompter.

EASY: Just enter or paste your script.

Adjust the scroll rate, font size, color and window size to your preference.

Use with your favorite video app: ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx

Use the Teleprompter on a phone, tablet or computer. Any device with an internet browser will do.

Affordable - Use BigStage Teleprompter for free or upgrade to the premium version for longer scripts.

Frequently asked questions

The Teleprompter is free for scripts up to 200 words. The Premium version of the app without any word limit is just $5/month.

It’s as simple as typing in or ‘cutting & pasting’ your script.

Yes. Just enter your script, press SHARE and you get a URL (link) that you can share with other presenters. When they click on the link they get the teleprompter with your script pre-loaded in it. That way you can both be working off the same script.
You can even update the script during a presentation if needed and all the presenters using that script get alerted. They can choose to either accept the new script you’ve sent or stick to the original one.
Share BigStage Teleprompter with multiple presenters.

Some presenters go over their time limit. Sometimes they are asked a question they are not prepared for. The FLASH ALERT button lets you communicate with other presenters sharing your script right in their teleprompter window. They don’t have to look away or fumble with their cell phones to see a text message. Only presenters with the Premium BigStage Teleprompter see the alerts.

Help presenters with answers as they present

Learn more about the teleprompter with this online documentation.

Free Plan

$ 0 Monthly
  • Script upto 300 words
  • Adjust font style, size, color
  • Adjust scrolling speed
  • Format keywords to emphasis
  • Use on laptops, tablets and mobiles
  • Support Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet

Premium Plan

$ 5 Monthly
  • All features of free plan
  • Script upto 5000 words
  • Add clickable tags
  • Save the script for future usage
  • Share script with others to collaborate
  • Send and receive flash alerts to co-presenters

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BigStage Teleprompter is an affordable, easy to use on-screen teleprompter. It does not require any software installation and works on phones, tablets and laptop computers.
We offer qualified non-profits free licenses. We work with partners and resellers to market the solution. 

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